Home Based Jobs Without Investment

Before we start searching for home based jobs without investment, let’s take a brief tour through the history of home based jobs for your better understanding. Work from home is not a new idea; in fact it has only been recently that most small businesses were not run out of the home.  Often times the bottom floor of the house was a shop or work area and the family lived upstairs.


Over the centuries, and remarkably in War Times, women were obliged to work which was a big dilemma because of having to leave their homes with children unattended. However, many of them found a solution by sewing at home for the sweatshops, an activity performed without investment because the factories dispatched them all the necessary materials to accomplish such task.


In the mid-twentieth century, the main home based business activity performed for both men and women seeking to earn an extra income was the independent making of varied pieceworks for factories, although home of them asked a money deposit to let home workers take materials out of the factory, money that was refunded along with the corresponding payment on work completion.


Between 1970 and 1999, new opportunities to work at home arose once that  technology was introduced in home based jobs without investment, some of them genuine employment opportunities, some others merely fraudulent schemes. However with the arrival of the 21st century, the Internet became the main tool for the home worker that needs to make money but has no funds to invest on a home based business.


To begin working at home, first ask yourself what your skills, abilities and knowledge are. There are many home based employment opportunities waiting for the right persons to fill a position as an independent freelance worker. This activity consists of working at home selling your services in whichever area of expertise that you master.


In example, if you are a lawyer, you can offer legal advice over the phone or set up a website over a free hosting service. In activities like this, investing is not necessary, besides potential clients send their payments straight to your bank account or through a payment gateway such as PayPal, Moneybookers and others.


The global nature of the Internet increases anyone’s chance to develop a successful, independent activity from the comfort of one’s home. Are you unsure about what services you could offer? That is not a problem, you can research online to find a variety of home based jobs that do not require special skills nor investment.


Some of these activities are modern versions of old-time home based jobs like making money answering your phone. Yes, you can become a Virtual Assistant for people willing to pay you a fee to take their calls, receive snail mail in your address or perform other secretarial services that do not require a start-up investment.


In the World Wide Web era, you can also set up a website or start writing a blog to sell advertising space or products and services from sponsors that do not ask for an investment but pay a commission per sale by just showcasing their offers. Devote some time to finding online home based jobs without investment, but remain aware of common scams including envelope stuffing, chain letters, fraudulent Multi-Level Marketing or ponzy schemes, so you can avoid them.

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